At the Athlete Factory we take the knowledge we have gained from working with renowned professional sports coaches from all over the world and the combined experiences of all our coaches, and we apply these principles to both our sports conditioning and personal training programs.

Our expertise cannot be found in most gyms and we are continually proving our superior understanding of functional movement. Not just movement patterns, but how movement reacts to stress, load, resistance, dynamic movement and fatigue. This movement is not just essential to an athlete, but because athletic movement and daily movement are fundamentally the same it will make a drastic difference to your results whatever your goals.

The Athlete Factory takes an athletic understanding of movement, energy systems and programming and adapts it to any level.

All our staff teach the same philosophy.

Our philosophy is dynamic stability and functional movement. You may think you know what that means, but you do not! Our philosophy works, we all believe in it! A gym full of different coaches and therapists all believing, following and teaching the same philosophy is a new approach and it has endless benefits. We assign all our athletes a lead coach that oversees the majority of sessions and designs the detailed conditioning program, however, because we are all working under the same philosophy other coaches can step in seamlessly as needed. You may even end up working with more than one coach, which will provide you with even more valuable input into your training. We also work hand and hand with our sports therapist staff when needed. At the Athlete Factory you are getting the combined knowledge of our whole staff all the time!

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Paul Balsom
Director of Athlete Performance & Coach Development

Laura Stoughton
Director of Athlete Services & Facility Management

Dr. Jeff Staheli, DC MS Director of Sports Therapy

Robin Bauer,  Head of Strength & Conditioning











Sean Bahry
Operations Manager

Dr. Richard Robinson
Sports Therapy Sr. Advisor









Sr Strength & Conditioning Specialists:

Dan Balsom

Doug Brown

Aletha Desimone

Tad Desimone

Juul Crauwels


Richina Foggo

Nick Gies

Dorian Grenier

Tamara Jarrett

Jessica Leemans


Olivia Mohtadi

Mark Salkeld Jr

Derek Weber

Kyle Donsberger

Morgan Johnston


Joel Malouf

Matt Smith

Breanne Law

Nick Francisco

Philip Jaman


Brendan Ethier

Tom Clifford

Jothan Hibben

Jacob Alexander

Kenny Dusseault


Noah Lewis


































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