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04/04/2018 – Athlete Factory April Newsletter
1 in 5 Athletes Suffer a Concussion … Our Sports Therapy Clinic is recognized by Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI) and is part of a network of clinics around the world offering evidence-based concussion care.

03/09/2018 – AF Newsletter – March 2018
Check out Some Outstanding Accomplishments from Our Athletes this Month … CFL defensive tackle, Linden Gaydosh of the Toronto Argonauts stopped by The Athlete Factory with the Grey Cup. Linden and the Toronto Argonauts defeated the Calgary Stampeders to win the Grey Cup back in November 2017.

02/06/2018 – The Athlete Factory February 2018 Newsletter
The Athlete Factory is off to Rome … Athlete Factory Director Paul Balsom and Head of S&C Robin Bauer have been invited to AS Roma by their Performance Director Darcy Norman. The top-tier professional football club is based in Rome, Italy, and Paul and Robin will spend 8 days at their training facility this month.

01/18/2018 – February Booster Program
Boost your current commitment! Add technical (strength) sessions and group (sprint, jump and energy system) sessions over the break.

01/12/2018 – The Athlete Factory – January PT Promotion

01/09/2018 – The Athlete Factory – January 2018 Newsletter
This Month’s Featured Athlete is Alyson MacDougall (18, Rugby, National) …training at the Athlete Factory helped elevate her game, on and off the field. “The coaches and athletes at the Athlete Factory are a different breed of committed and hardworking people. When I bought into the culture and the atmosphere, it encouraged me to work harder in everything I do.”

12/20/2017 –Happy Holidays from The Athlete Factory

12/08/2017 –Athlete Factory – Holiday Booster Program

12/05/2017 –Athlete Factory – December 2017 Newsletter
This Month’s Featured Athlete is Hakeem Dawodu (MMA, UFC) … “Over the last three years training at the Athlete Factory, my strength, power and explosive speed have improved, without putting on any extra bodyweight,” Hakeem says. “We are always emphasizing increasing speed and power, all while I get continuously stronger.”

11/08/2017 –Athlete Factory – November 2017 Newsletter
Featured Athlete is Noah McDonough (18, Football, Level: Varsity) … credits his success to the Athlete Factory’s focus on movement patterns, body awareness, and a competitive spirit that adds intensity to every session.

09/05/2017 –Athlete Factory – September 2017 Newsletter
Featured Athlete is Brogran Mior (16, Rugby, Level: National) … “Speed is a huge component in rugby. At the Athlete Factory, the focus is on speed and how fast you can do certain movements. I noticed my speed increased significantly and it really changed how I played.”

08/09/2017 –Athlete Factory – August 2017 Newsletter
Featured Athlete is Carmen Izyk (17, Rugby, Level: National) … When discussing The Athlete Factory, Carmen’s words are: “I’m constantly inspired to improve, and I know I wouldn’t have learnt the discipline to be where I am today without this training”.

07/05/2017 –Athlete Factory Newsletter – July 2017

06/05/2017 –Athlete Factory Newsletter – June 2017

05/07/2017 –Athlete Factory – May 2017 Newsletter

04/21/2017 –Athlete Factory – April 2017 Newsletter

04/21/2017 –Athlete Factory – April 2017 Newsletter

03/07/2017 –Athlete Factory – March 2017 Newsletter

02/09/2017 –Athlete Factory – February 2017 Newsletter

01/25/2017 –The Athlete Factory Sports Therapy Clinic Open House

01/08/2017 –Athlete Factory – January 2017 Newsletter

12/03/2016 –Athlete Factory – December Newsletter

11/03/2016 –Athlete Factory – November Newsletter

10/03/2016 –Athlete Factory – October Newsletter

09/01/2016 –Athlete Factory – September Newsletter

08/01/2016 –August 2016 Newsletter


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Other News:

August 2016 Race Walking all the Way to the Rio Olympics
July 2016 Fighting for a Shot at the Title – MMA
September 2015 Coach Development – Post Graduate Degrees
November 2014 Athlete Factory Key Factor in Canadian Alpine Olympic Success
November 2014 Athlete Factory Invited to European Speed Conference
October 2014 Paul Balsom & Athlete Factory part of Olympian Jan Hudec’s Success
April 2014 StFX Basketball – hungry for a CIS Championship
March 2014 Director Paul Balsom – invited to complete Professional Doctorate
February 2014 AF Athlete Jan Hudec – wins bronze at Olympics
December 2013 Athlete Factory – in Professional Rugby
April 2013 Athlete Factory Swimmer gets Gold in Canadian World Championship Trials

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