When every world-class ski coach is talking about dynamic stability and power … When every conditioning coach is trying to provide what the athlete needs by searching for the answers with sprint and jump mechanics … We’ve been doing it for twenty years.

Coaching speed for ski racing is but an art form, an art that cannot be learnt overnight.


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“When everyone around you is bringing their A-game, you are motivated to bring yours. At the Athlete Factory, excellence is fueled by passion and it’s contagious. There is no doubt, the Athlete Factory program is my choice in preparation for Sochi.”

Jan Hudec
2014 (Bronze Medalist) & 2010 Olympian, Canadian National Downhill Ski Team (Bronze Medalist), 2007 World Championships Downhill Silver Medalist, 2x World Cup Downhill Winner, 4 World Cup Podiums

“Not only was I much stronger than before but the strength and power that I was gaining through Paul’s techniques was functional and translated directly into my sport. In addition to dramatic increases in my strength and power, Paul taught me how to work harder, more efficiently and most importantly how to reach my potential in the weight room, on the track for speed and in my anaerobic workouts.”

Robin Bauer, Canadian National Ski Team


Do you feel that you are …

  • Suffering lack of ability to perform at maximum intensity for the entire run?
  • Struggling to post your best times at all your major events?
  • Lacking the strength and stability to not only handle but accelerate through turns, while maintaining the proper tuck position?
  • Never at your best because of debilitating knee pain or injuries?
  • Not seeing improvements from race to race?
  • Your coaches telling you that you need more power in the corners?
  • Missing the directionor guidance of a world class conditioning coach to teach you how to train and act like a championship skier?

Not at The Athlete Factory.

At The Athlete Factory, we get results. Results that count – results on the hill.

Built by elite athletes, to help all athletes