Once the best kept secret in Canada, word of the basketball programs at the Athlete Factory is starting to spread.

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“I’ve noticed an improvement in my endurance, quickness, and power. The increased power has helped my ability to finish at the rim with contact; it has also helped my first step and ability to get by defenders.”

Tyler Fidler
Pro Basketball

“I can see a championship banner in our future at some point if we continue to move in the direction that has been prescribed by The Athlete Factory!”

Augy Jones
Head Coach, StFX Women’s Basketball

When every NBA coach is talking about power, speed, and explosion —
When every conditioning coach is desperately trying to study sprint and jump mechanics to give the athlete what he or she needs —
We’ve been doing it for twenty years. Coaching speed is not only science but also an art form, an art that cannot be learnt over night.

Do you feel…

  • You are getting stronger in the gym, but the power doesn’t seem to translate to the court or your vertical.
  • You were once faster than you are now, and no matter what you do, you can’t improve.
  • Your energy, speed, and strength seem to fade late in shifts, periods, and games.
  • You only have small windows of time when you are at your best because of annoying injuries.
  • Your shooting percentage decreases as fatigue sets in.
  • You want to learn how to train and act like a pro-basketball player, but have never had the direction or guidance of a world-class conditioning coach.
  • You train hard, but your performance never seems to stand out to coaches and scouts.
  • You’ve been told by parents, coaches, and mentors that you need to “work on your vertical” or “quicken that first step”.
  • Concussions are limiting your potential.


Not at The Athlete Factory.

At The Athlete Factory, we get results. Results that count – results in performance.

Built by elite athletes, to help all athletes.

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