The Athlete Factory now has a WCB approved clinic!

What is WCB?

WCB (Workers Compensation Board) is a classification of patients that were involved in a work related accident and as a result are seeking treatment for the injuries sustained.

How do I start my WCB Claim?

Here are the steps to opening a WCB claim:

Step one: Report your injury to your employer within the first 72 hours.

Step two: Book an appointment with our WCB approved chiropractor. This will be reported to WCB within 48 hours.

Step three: Tell WCB. You will need to complete a report of injury form. You can get this form from your employer or at any WCB office.

What am I entitled to?

This will be dependent on the severity and nature of your injury. The number of treatments you are approved for are dependent on your treatment plan. Your practitioner will provide you and WCB with a specified treatment plan after your first WCB assessment.


Dr. Chris Hildebrandt

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