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“I have notices incredible improvements in my body awareness, control, and jumps. Before jumping was the weakest aspect of my technique. In the past two years jumps have become one of my strongest abilities as a dancer. This massive change would not have been possible without the amazing training and support provided by the Athlete Factory community. I have gotten stronger but, not bigger. I cannot say enough about the integrity, commitment, and generosity demonstrated by the Athlete Factory team. The Athlete Factory in an integral part of my training and will continue with it throughout my dance career.”

Beth Durnie, Ballet Dancer

After 5 years of unsuccessfully trying to rehab due to overuse injuries, I came across the Athlete Factory. Within one month of training I was able to resume teaching dance.
In my 25-year career as a dance teacher, pilates teacher and dance studio owner, I have witnessed the increased physical demands being placed on young dancers and the lack of additional training resources to support this demand. Our dancers have noticed an increase of strength (not bulk) and have achieved a greater balance of strength and flexibility, more stability, agility and fewer dance related injuries. In addition, they are more confident and empowered to achieve their goals.

Karen Sudds, Crossings Dance School Owner/Director, MSc of Dance Science – student

Coaching for the needs of dancers to get the right balance of the various conditioning elements is not only science but also an art form, an art that cannot be learnt over night.

As a dancer staying healthy throughout a career is a daunting task. With proper and individualized training, however, you will allow yourself a better chance at this task.

Do you feel …

  • You are getting stronger in the gym, but the power and fluidity do not seem to translate on the dance floor.
  • Your energy, speed, and strength seem to fade late in a performance.
  • You only have small windows of time when you are at your best because of annoying injuries.
  • You are having trouble with choreography due to not being able to execute a movement properly.
  • You want to learn how to train and act like a professional dancer, but have never had the direction or guidance of a world-class conditioning coach.
  • You train hard, but your performance never seems to stand out.
  • You have been told by parents, teachers, and mentors that you need to “jump higher” or “move faster”.
  • You are weak in the postural muscles (hamstrings, glutes, adductors, psoas, shoulder stabilizing muscles and over all core strength).

Not at The Athlete Factory.

Common concerns we hear from dancers regarding conditioning is that they might lose their flexibility or add unwanted bulk to their physique.

What we know:

  • Strength training does not have to make you less flexible. On the contrary, our methods have shown that we can improve your strength and flexibility at the same time.
  • Strength training does not have to create bulk. Our methods take into consideration the athletes’ needs prior to designing a program, we focus on improving power and strength without having to increase muscle mass.

At The Athlete Factory, we get results. Results that count – results in performance. Built by elite athletes, to help all athletes

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