There are very few conditioning coaches working outside of professional sport with an elite performance background. The Athlete Factory’s Director of Athlete Performance and Coach Development, Paul Balsom’s sport and coaching background has developed alongside more than a dozen other coaches with international and professional sport experience, which places The Athlete Factory in a league of its own. The depth of knowledge, passion and experience that exists amongst our coaches is exhilarating.
Historically sports have made the greatest performance gains when they have looked for knowledge outside of their own circles, most commonly into track and field. The Athlete Factory has developed an unrivaled understanding and awareness of sprint and jump mechanics, energy systems and programming, having gained this knowledge from track and field, especially in central and eastern Europe. This perspective is the cornerstone of every conditioning program we create for an athlete.

The Athlete Factory is the future in sports conditioning.
Our Elite Performance programs include a combination of ‘technical’ and ‘group’ sessions. The correct combination for each athlete is determined on an individual basis, with due consideration to the athlete’s sport, goals and conditioning requirements. We provide athletes and teams with the tools to become world class.

Our programs are full programs that consider speed, acceleration, agility, plyometrics, power, strength, energy systems, recovery, nutrition etc. They include sessions we oversee as well as sessions athletes can do on their own. We continually monitor our athletes’ training and make changes to their programs and their schedule accordingly.

On average our athletes end up doing 3 to 5 sessions a week at the Athlete Factory. Prices vary depending on the program (from ~$200.00 to $600.00 per month).

Team/Association sessions/rates available.