Once the best kept secret in Canada, word of the figure skating programs at the Athlete Factory is starting to spread.

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“Training here has been the best decision I’ve made since my comeback. When I trained in the States, my fitness coaches had clients in the NFL and NHL, but the fitness training I got there doesn’t even compare to what AF provides. With AF I’ve seen major improvements in all areas of my skating. My speed, core strength, aerobic, anaerobic, vertical jump (gaining an additional 6” on my skating jumps). I would not have progressed as quickly as I have without the AF training.”

Jaime Bunke

“We started at the Athletes Factory in June of 2011. We are a Junior competitive ice dance pair team and Novice/Junior competitive singles skaters with the Properties Figure Skating Academy in Calgary, Alberta. We were looking for a place that would give us knowledge, strength, support, with the willingness to learn and understand our sport, without becoming bodybuilders.

We have had all the above and more. We have become part of a family and a wonderful team. They have helped us through many injuries. Our strength, power, stance, and knowledge are noticeable, and we are only just beginning. We are looking forward in seeing what this next year can bring us. Thank you Athlete Factory.”

Jayde & Dayton Stewart

With jumps, spins, edges, lifts, and technical elements, figure skating requires a specific set of physical skills to rise above the competition.  It is this combination of speed, power and conditioning that you must hone, and for that reason you need to train yourself as a whole.

Many outstanding figure skaters in Canada never reach their full potential due to several possible setbacks.

Do you, or a figure skater you know, struggle with any of these?

  • You want to learn how to train like a professional, but have never had the direction or guidance of a world-class conditioning coach.
  • Your energy, speed, and strength seem to fade late in competitions.
  • You are getting stronger in the gym, but the power doesn’t seem to translate on the ice.
  • Your jumps, spins and field moves were good in your early teens, but now everyone is catching up to you.
  • Your energy, speed and strength seem to fade late in your program.
  • Consistency from competition to competition is lacking
  • Re-occurring injuries keep you from training and competing
  • You’ve been told by parents, coaches or mentors that you need to “work on your speed”

Figure skating conditioning with The Athlete Factory ensures that you will:

  • Enhance your edge stability and quality
  • Be able to jump higher to execute more advanced moves
  • Have the control and dynamic stability to hold and perform tighter, faster spins
  • Feel fresh before, during and after competition
  • Recover quicker in between moves so each one in performed properly
  • Reduce the likelihood of bone and muscle injuries
  • Gain strength, quickness and endurance to approach every practice and competition with confidence.
  • Work from a custom training and nutrition program, overseen by the top sports conditioning coaches in North America.
  • Learn the training, nutrition and mindset habits of a pro-athlete.

Figure skating careers are a mere fraction of one’s life. Don’t look back in regret wondering how good you could have been.

Give yourself the best possible chance to succeed, and ensure that your condition is second-to-none – train with us at The Athlete Factory.



Call us to book a Consultation Now!
(403) 255-7703