Laura comes from a very athletic family and enjoyed figure skating, skiing and track and field growing up. She found her true athletic calling when she started playing rugby in high school. This began a period of success, with Laura representing both Saskatchewan and Alberta at rugby, winning two World Championship titles with the Canadian University 7s Rugby Team, and becoming an integral member of the Canadian National 7s and 15s Rugby Teams. Rugby has enabled Laura to compete all over the world; on 4 different continents and in 15 different countries, including her participation in the Rugby 7s World Cup in Dubai in 2009 and the Rugby 15s World Cup in England in 2010.

Laura is a walking demonstration that with the right coaching and hard work anything is possible. At over 30 years, the 5’2”, 125lbs athlete is known for topping fitness scores. She can squat 3x her body weight and is one of the most agile athletes in her sport.

Laura has been the recipient of countless athletic awards and has captained almost every team she’s ever played for. Her love for the sport and helping others has led her to volunteering her time to coach high school teams and the University of Calgary team, and she has sat on various committees representing and promoting women in sport. Laura combines her vast knowledge and love for sports, with bags of leadership qualities and an enthusiasm for improvement. Adding to this a B.Sc. and Masters in Management Systems, she strives to ensure the Athlete Factory is an environment which supports and motivates clients and coaches, and gives clients and coaches the confidence to set high goals and the tools to achieve them.