Developing strong movement patterns for snowboarding is but an art form, an art that cannot be learned overnight.

Snowboarding Conditioning

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“Thanks to Sr S&C Coach Robin Bauer, Dr. Evan Schmidt and the Athlete Factory team, I have seen a huge difference in my strength, endurance and overall performance. Their expertise and knowledge is something that I was lacking in my physical preparation leading into my seasons. We now have a long term in place to get me on the podium in both the Winter and Summer Paralympics.”

Michelle Salt – Paralympic Snowboard (2014)

“This off-snow training has been everything for me this season. I think that my training at the Athlete Factory has been more important than my training on the snow this year. As a 33 year who’s been mostly sitting at a desk for the last 10 years, I was – and still am – pretty out of shape. Six months of being at the Athlete Factory has completely transformed how I feel and how strong I feel. I feel a lot more stable.”

Gerrit van Bruggen – Bordercross (2018 Paralympic hopeful)

When every world-class snowboarder is striving for more dynamic stability and power … When every conditioning coach is trying to provide what the athlete needs by searching for the answers with sprint and jump mechanics … We’ve been doing it for twenty years.

Do you feel that you are:

  • Failing to consistently perform at your best at all your major events?
  • Lacking the ability to bring maximum intensity for the full duration of each run you do?
  • Unable to maintain good stability though turns and when cresting over jumps?
  • Stagnant in your progress and not getting better each and every season?
  • Holding back at events or missing them all together due to pain or injuries?
  • Not getting the personal coaching and direction that YOU need to improve and realize your full potential?

Not at the Athlete Factory.


At the Athlete Factory, we get results. Results were they count – on the hill!

If you dream of Olympic goal medals or taking the top step in the Winter X games – We can get you there!

Give yourself the best chance to succeed and ensure that your conditioning is second-to-none.
Don’t look back in regret, wondering what could have been; Train with us at The Athlete Factory!

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