Once the best kept secret in Canada, word of the squash programs at the Athlete Factory is starting to spread.

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Squash is a sport requiring power, speed, and endurance.  One needs explosive power and control to get to the ball and create shots.  The ability to work at maximal effort repeatedly throughout a rally and match is crucial. It is this combination of speed, power, and conditioning that you must hone, and for that reason: you need to train yourself as a whole.

Many outstanding squash players in Canada never reach their full potential due to several possible setbacks.

Do you, or a squash player you know, struggle with any of these?

  • You are getting stronger in the gym, but the power doesn’t seem to the court.
  • You were super-quick and a step ahead of everyone in your early teens, but now everyone is catching up to you.
  • Your first step to the ball is slower and less powerful than you would like.
  • Your conditioning lets you down late in rallies and games.
  • You are unable to control the court because of inability to make the shots that you want.
  • You ‘re unable to consistently perform up to your potential due to shoulder fatigue and injuries

Conditioning for squash with The Athlete Factory ensures that:

  • You will be able to get to more balls consistently.
  • You will have the conditioning to remain explosive when your opponents tire.
  • You have the shoulder stability to be consistent with you shift.
  • You can get back to the T quicker and in a better position to track the ball.
  • You will have the quickness and endurance to dominate games from start to finish
  • You will work off of a custom training and nutrition program, overseen by the top sports conditioning coach in North America.
  • You will give yourself the best possible chance at making the team and reaching the next level
  • You will learn the training, nutrition, and mindset habits of a pro-athlete.

Squash careers are a mere fraction of one’s life. Don’t look back in regret wondering how good you could have been.

Give yourself the best possible chance to succeed, and ensure that your condition is second-to-none – train with us at The Athlete Factory.

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