April 14, 2014

Sr. Strength & Conditioning Coaches Aletha Desimone and Tad Desimone recently ran a 4-Day conditioning camp for the St. Francis Xavier Women’s Basketball Team in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The St FX coach, Augy Jones, is hungry for a CIS Championship, and reached out to the Athlete Factory to find out more about our training philosophy and principles.

The camp focused on strength training, speed work, plyometrics, and energy systems work. Focus was also on giving the athletes to tools to work out on their own. The X-Women were provided an action plan to follow into the summer, in communication with the Athlete Factory. Tad and Aletha will return in September to work with the women of the 2014/2015 roster.

Aletha says, “We wanted to empower them to feel confident to step into the weight room and onto the track, and to educate them on how what they are doing with us will help them perform better as a varsity level basketball player.” We are very excited to see the progress of the St FX Women’s Basketball team – and wish them success next season!