Once the best kept secret in Canada, word of the swimming programs at the Athlete Factory is starting to spread.

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“Since working with Paul, I have significantly reduced my pain level and have begun to build my training in the pool for the first time in three years. Paul’s rehabilitation methods are very different than anything I have previously experienced. I found Paul’s approach somewhat frightening when he first told me that the majority of my rehab process would be a squat but quickly discovered that his program made perfect sense from as a rehabilitative process that transferred over into my sport. The progression involves correcting compensation injuries and retraining the body to move properly through functional movement patterns. Since working with Paul, I have significantly increased my overall strength translating into training improvements in my kick, explosion, power and overall ability to hold technique.”

Joel Greenshields

Finalist at the World Championships 07
3 time NCAA champion and overall team title University of Arizona Swimming and Diving
Member of the 2008 Olympics Beijing China – 6th place
Finalist at the World Championships 09
World record 4×200 freestyle relay Canada achieved in Leeds 09
Multiple time Canadian record holder

“My coach recommended me to Ken and I didn’t really want to go do more of what hurt me without properly being healed, but I went anyway just to see. In a week my lower back was not only healed but stronger than it ever was. I was swimming way faster than I had been before I hurt my back due to the huge increase in strength and nutritional knowledge.”

Lucas Windsor

In a timed sport like Swimming, where your hopes and dreams can be decided by the length of a fingertip, don’t you want to know your training is giving you the best possible chance for success? If you’re looking to gain an advantage over the competition by increasing those attributes essential in the pool; speed, power and stability, then look no further.  It is this combination of speed, power, and conditioning that you must hone, and for that reason: you need to train yourself as a whole.


Many outstanding swimmers in Canada never reach their full potential due to several possible setbacks.

Do you, or a swimmer you know, struggle with any of these?

  • You are getting stronger in the gym, but the power doesn’t seem to translate to the water.
  • You were super-quick and a step ahead of everyone in your early teens, but now everyone is catching up to you.
  • Does pain in your shoulders prevent you from being able to train on a full program all year around?
  • Do you struggle with swimming faster in finals sessions than you do in preliminary sessions?
  • Have you noticed that your times haven’t improved from last season?
  • Do you have the inability to complete training sessions at 100%, repetitively?
  • Are you always sick, injured or constantly fatigued? Do you know how proper nutrition can positively affect your physical and mental state?
  • Your energy, speed, and strength seem to fade late into the race or tournament.
  • You only have small windows of time when you are at your best because of annoying groin or hamstring injuries.
  • You want to learn how to train and act like a pro-athlete, but have never had the direction or guidance of a world-class conditioning coach.
  • Your performance never seems to “stand out” to coaches and evaluators.
  • You’ve been told by parents, coaches, and mentors that you need to “work on your speed” or “quicken that first step”.


Conditioning for swimming with The Athlete Factory ensures that:

  • You will get in and out of your turns with explosiveness.
  • Do you want to know how to train to prevent overuse injuries?
  • Does your stroke fall apart when you start to fatigue?
  • Are you aspiring to make a national time standard, or to compete at major international competitions such as the World Aquatic Championships or the Olympics?
  • Your star starts are tighter and faster.
  • Do you want to be a Sport Canada Carded athlete? Would not having to worry so much about money take stress off of you so you can focus on becoming a world class athlete?
  • You will have more strength to win the battles for pucks along the boards.
  • You will have the quickness and endurance to dominate every shift.
  • You will spend all your time on the ice instead of on the shelf with injuries.
  • You will work off of a custom training and nutrition program, overseen by the top sports conditioning coach in North America.
  • You will give yourself the best possible chance at making the team, reaching the next level, getting a scholarship, getting drafted, or signing a pro contract.
  • You will learn the training, nutrition, and mindset habits of a pro-athlete.

Swimming careers are a mere fraction of one’s life. Don’t look back in regret wondering how good you could have been.

Give yourself the best possible chance to succeed, and ensure that your condition is second-to-none – train with us at The Athlete Factory.

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