Tom grew up on the south coast of England where he spent the summers either swimming in the ocean or on the rugby field refining his kicking skills with his brothers. This is where he developed his passion in Rugby and Swimming. The team atmosphere with the physical contact in Rugby is what attracted Tom the most and idolizing Jonny Wilkinson.

Watching England win the World Cup in 2003 and the challenges they faced to become the Number 1 team in the world was exciting and ultimately drove Tom to want to succeed and be part of that winning environment.

Following his passion, Tom attended the University of Gloucestershire and graduated in 2012 with a Master of Science in Applied Sport and Exercise Science. While completing his Masters he was able to work with elite level professional athletes from a variety of sports such as Bob Skeleton and Soccer.

Once Tom graduated he had a desire to explore the world, experience different cultures and gain experience working with different level athletes, in different sports and learn from various Strength and Conditioning coaches. Australia, Singapore and Canada have all provided unique experiences and helped develop him as a coach. He is is always working towards helping all of his athletes achieve their goals and dreams while looking to develop himself.