Ali Larsen

Health & Fitness

I have been working out with Natasha Gaynor for about 6 months. I expected it to be intimidating but as soon as I walked in she made me feel at ease. Answering all of my questions and starting slow. The most important thing Natasha has given me is an understanding of the way my body works. Listen to your body.

Before I met Natasha I believed that cardio was the most important thing for weight loss. Weight training was not something I was ever concerned about. I had no concept of the food I should be eating before/after my workouts or during the day. I thought I only have 10 lbs at most to lose I don’t want to ‘bulk up’.

With Natasha I learned that strength is the key. Proper movement is her utmost concern. She is not like trainers at your typical sports club who say ‘do 20 of those’ and then doesn’t watch your body movement. Avoiding injury is paramount.

One of my first times weight training with Natasha I remember saying I didn’t know weight training could make you sweat! I thought that was only cardio!

I started out casually coming in, then one day a week, now I am three days a week and I have never felt better. I had always wanted to do 10 ‘real’ push-ups. Before Natasha I could do 10 or less half push-ups. I am up to 25 full push-ups now without breaking a sweat 🙂

If you want a trainer who challenges you, holds you accountable and helps you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. You have found her.

Ali Larsen