Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident?

The multi-disciplinary health care team and front desk staff at the Athlete Factory are available to help guide you through treatment!

What is an MVA Patient?

An MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) patient is anyone that has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, as a driver/passenger or pedestrian and as a result, are seeking treatment for the injuries they sustained.

How do I start my MVA claim?

  1. Contact your car insurance provider and open an accident benefits claim if this has not already been done. You will get assigned an accident benefits adjuster as well as a claim and policy number. Bring this information to your first appointment!
  2. Fill out an AB-1 Form
  3. Schedule an MVA assessment with anyone of our Chiropractors or Physiotherapists within 10 days of the accident.
  4. Relax with the knowledge that our front desk staff and health care team will advocate for your care at every step of the way.

Is there paperwork associated with my MVA claim?

If you are a new patient you will be required to fill the intake paperwork. All patients involved in an MVA will also be required to fill out an AB-1 form will be required in order to open your accident benefits claim. Filling out this paperwork prior to your initial assessment will ensure your visit runs efficiently.

What am I entitled to?

Although MVA claims ordinarily cover chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture, the benefits you receive are dependent on your treatment plan. Your practitioner will provide you and your insurance company with a specified treatment plan after your first MVA assessment.

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