Elite Performance

There are very few conditioning coaches working outside of professional sport with an elite performance background. The Athlete Factory’s Founder and Director of Athlete Performance and Coach Development, Paul Balsom is one such coach and it is Paul’s 20+ years of elite performance coaching experience, combined with his own sporting career and doctorate research that form the basis of the Athlete Factory’s conditioning philosophy. Paul mentors all of our conditioning coaches and thus unlike most performance centres ours provides a truly shared and unified across all of our coaches. Our Elite Performance programs cater to competitive athletes at the provincial, varsity, national international and professional level and those aspiring to reach such levels, with results that speak for themselves having produced numerous national champions, professional athletes, world champions and World Cup medalists, Olympians and Paralympians. 

Our understanding of coordination, how it affects generation and direction of force, and its transference from training tasks to performance is critical in order to optimize results. Our athletes show dramatically improved performance in agility and acceleration, more power and better posture in contact sports, greater sprint repeatability, improved skill development that translates to shooting and passing power and accuracy, and significantly reduced injury rates.

Youth Development

Optimal motor development occurs between the ages of 9 and 12. Most young athletes are not even considering conditioning at that age. Modern lifestyle, however, leads to a lack of posterior chain strength even by the time a child is 10 years old. Poor strength training techniques taken from powerlifting and bodybuilding will lead to injuries, overtraining and muscle imbalances.

Young athletes must be coached how to move correctly before applying load or even adding speed, just playing sport will not achieve this. We consider education and health as essential to athlete development at an elite level. The carryover to the young athlete is priceless. 

Our program caters to athletes as young as 8 years old and offer flexible scheduling. Teams are welcome too.


Team Training

Teams come in a wide variety of sports and sizes, and we customize our programming to work with all types of teams and associations. Sessions can be on-site at our facility or off-site at yours. Sessions can be in-season, off-season and year round. Sessions will help improve the athlete and team performance, reduce injury rates, improve return to play, foster a culture of work ethic and commitment, and provide an element of team building to further unite your team. Performance testing and reporting available.

Personal Training

Joining a gym is the first step to regaining fitness or improving strength and stability… but simply logging time on the machines and treadmills is not the answer. To avoid injury and see results, you must workout with a good form, a good routine, and stay motivated to keep at it.

You may think that our coaches are for Olympians and professional athletes, but consider this: the human body functions the same regardless if it belongs to a professional hockey player or office worker, so why does one deserve guidance and a plan with goals, while the other only deserves random machines and an hour or two of spare time?

Whether you have a nagging injury, want to lose weight, just want to stay healthy, or are still competitive, we have a program for you. Join alone or with friends. 


We exist to serve athletes, enabling them to exceed their expectations, realize their potential, and achieve their dreams through inspiration, collaboration and leading edge sports science.

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Congratulations Mac laursen and Performance Coach Kenny in clinching the IKF Intercontinental Light cruiserweight champion title 🙌🏼 ⁠

"Was able to qualify some new tricks this summer. Thanks you to The Athlete Factory for helping me become stronger for this season! Can’t wait to get back on the slopes with my amazing ski team, Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski Club.
- Jordan Aldana, Competitive freestyle skier⛷️

"The Athlete Factory completely blows these previous programs away. The level of experience and knowledge, paired with their constant supervision and support helped me reach a level in strength training I would not have thought possible."

#afbuilt #golfer

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