Sports Therapy

Our Sports Therapy Clinic is a premier practice dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries. Utilizing an evidence based multidisciplinary approach we provide the highest level of patient care.

Our goal is to help you recover fully and expedite your safe return to what you love – whether that is high performance or professional sports, or activities you enjoy in your leisure time like running, hiking, or recreational sports. We welcome all patients from athletes to the general public, including Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Workers Compensation (WCB) patients. For your convenience we offer direct billing for many extended health care plans and online booking.

What really sets us apart and makes us the leading edge in the realm of sports therapy is the partnership between our Sports Therapy Practitioners and our Performance Coaches. Our staff work hand in hand to address both 1st phase (initial healing of chronic and/or acute injuries) and 2nd phase (improving the body’s coordination and function through proper exercise) rehabilitation all under one roof. Through proper education we aim to give you the tools to proactively prevent injuries and maintain your optimal level of health. 

We exist to serve athletes, enabling them to exceed their expectations, realize their potential, and achieve their dreams through inspiration, collaboration and leading edge sports science.

🥧 What better way to burn off from stuffing your face with turkey & pumpkin pies then a smashing ESYS.

Our PC energy system improves an athlete’s ability to produce maximum power & move at full speed while under fatigue⚡️

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🤔 Do you have joint pain, chronic pain, reduced range of motion, chronic muscle shortening or tightness? Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) may be very beneficial for you!

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Congratulations Mac laursen and Performance Coach Kenny in clinching the IKF Intercontinental Light cruiserweight champion title 🙌🏼 ⁠

"Was able to qualify some new tricks this summer. Thanks you to The Athlete Factory for helping me become stronger for this season! Can’t wait to get back on the slopes with my amazing ski team, Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski Club.
- Jordan Aldana, Competitive freestyle skier⛷️

"The Athlete Factory completely blows these previous programs away. The level of experience and knowledge, paired with their constant supervision and support helped me reach a level in strength training I would not have thought possible."

#afbuilt #golfer

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